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Scoliosis is an abnormal, lateral curvature of the spine.


Scoliosis affects 2-3% of the population, or an estimated 6 million people in the United States, and there is no cure.


Scoliosis affects infants, adolescents and adults but the primary age of onset for scoliosis is 10-15 years old, occurring equally among both genders. Females, however, are eight times more likely to experience curvatures that progress significantly enough that treatment is required.


Scoliosis can impact quality of life with limited activity, pain, reduced respiratory function, or diminished self-esteem. Despite physicians trying to treat this spinal deformity for centuries, 85% of the cases are classified as idiopathic. The vast majority of people with this condition are not expected to require treatment. The problem is we do not know who will get it, why they get it, which cases will progress, or how far they will progress.


Each year scoliosis patients make more than 600,000 visits to private physician offices, and an estimated 30,000 children are put into a brace for scoliosis, while 38,000 patients undergo spinal fusion surgery.


Consequently, a scoliosis patient's life is exacerbated by many unknowns. Treatments therefore that are often ineffective, invasive, and/or costly. Scoliosis patients also have increased health risks due to frequent x-ray exposure.


Scoliosis is a multifactorial disorder, which requires multidisciplinary research and treatment.

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scoliosis: abnormal curvature of the spine