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While keely network does not screen or recommend medical professionals, we hope that these links will assit you in fidning a medical practitioner that can meet your needs.


It is always important to do your own research, background check, verification of refenences and conduct an interview of your doctor or medical professional before beginning treatment.


If you are are need of a new specialist or have recently relocated, it is helpful to ask your neighbors, co-workers or realtor who they recommend. Be sure to verify coverage with your insurance company or call the doctor's office and confirm fees before scheduling an appointment. Checking online message boards or other opinion oriented website can be helpful but it should not serve as your only source of informaiton about a medical professional. Use the links below for ideas about how you can screen an existing or potential doctor, dentist, nurse, therapist or other medical practioner.




health & wellness

locate a professional near you

patient advocacy network

find a doctor

upper cervical chiropractors

national upper cervical chiropractic association


associaton of upper cervical chiropractic organizations


atlas orthogonal chiropractic




treatment therapies

frequency specific microcurrent


water massage:WATSU